Honey Analysis

After each honey harvest period, we jar our honey and send it for laboratory analysis before putting it on sale. We verify the naturalness and organicity of Soner's Honey honey as a result of these analyses. While examining these analyzes, which you can find transparently on our website, we briefly add the meaning of some terms and how they should be interpreted in order to be more understandable.

Our 2021 honey analysis values ​​are as follows:


Proline is the most abundant amino acid in honey and is an indicator of the quality value of honey. We can understand the quality and purity of honey, which is a natural food source of protein, by looking at the value of proline. Proline, determined by laboratory analysis, cannot be obtained by artificial means. During honey production, it is transferred to honey by bees. According to the Turkish Food Codex Honey Communiqué, the amount of proline in a quality honey should be at least 300 mg/kg. Proline value of Soner's Honey Oak Honey 1039 mg/kg , If the proline value of Soner's Honey Lavender Honey is It is 597.24 mg/kg .

Diastase Count

While obtaining honey, some producers apply heat treatment to facilitate the filtration process and delay the crystallization of honey. This process reduces the value of diastase, a type of enzyme activity in honey. The falling diastase value indicates that external additives have been added to the honey and that it has been subjected to heat treatment above 55 degrees Celsius. The diastase number should be at least 8 in a real and raw honey. Diastase number of Soner's Honey Oak Honey 34,5 , If the diastase number of Soner's Honey Lavender Honey is It is 6.82 .

C13 Value

The fact that a honey is raw, unadulterated and genuine cannot be understood by features such as color, smell and consistency. C13 analysis is performed to detect imitation and forgery in honey. According to these analyzes, the C13 value of a real honey should be -1 or lower. C13 value of Soner's Honey Oak Honey -26,40 , If the C13 value of Soner's Honey Lavender Honey is It is -0.28 .

C4 Sugar Ratio

According to Turkish Food Codex Honey Communiqué, C4 sugar ratio is the analysis method used to determine whether there is sugar additive in honey. C4 sugar ratio in honey should be at most 7%. C4 sugar ratio of Soner's Honey Oak Honey 0% , If the C4 ratio of Soner's Honey Lavender Honey is 1.87% .

HMF Value

An important step in the naturalness analysis of honey is the determination of the Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) value. HMF is a component formed by the breakdown of fructose, one of the main sugars found in honey. HMF, which is found in the natural and fresh state of honey and forms slowly, forms rapidly if the honey is heated. According to the Turkish Food Codex Honey Communiqué, it is allowed to be present in honey up to 40 mg/kg. If it is above these values, it is considered that the honey has been stored at the wrong temperatures or the wrong heat treatments have been applied. The HMF value of Soner's Honey Oak Honey is 4.0 mg/kg, and the HMF value of Soner's Honey Lavender Honey could not be determined (value is 0).